NT: E J Connellan Award

Key Criteria:

ELIGIBILITY: Grants can only be made to an organisation which supports children and adults who live on stations or in small settlements in Outback Australia, or residents of the larger outback centres of Australia who provide assistance to those described above. Grants can only be given to Australian Nationals and permanent residents of Australia.

The E J Connellan Award was established in 1988 in honour of the founder of the Trust, the pioneer Northern Territory aviator, Eddie Connellan. He was a man of strong and passionate character, with special abilities attuned to trail blazing. These qualities enabled him to overcome significant problems and to achieve much where others would have been daunted.  He was a successful pastoralist and a visionary business man; he played a prominent role in Central Australian affairs. He was a legend in his own lifetime.

  1. AIM:  The aim of a grant to is to improve social and economic outcomes for people living in Outback Australia.
  2. TIMELINE: Applications are considered four times a year.   Applications are to be received by the Executive Officer by the 15th of February, May, August and November each year. The Trust’s decision will be notified to applicants by the end of March, June, September and December each year.
  3. APPLICATIONS:  All Application and Acquittal forms can be downloaded as a word document from the Trust website, filled in and uploaded with attachments online or posted to the Executive Officer at P.O. Box 749 Williamstown South Australia 5351.
  4. ORGANISATIONS wishing to make application on behalf of a group of individuals may be better to encourage those individuals to apply on their own behalf, although this will depend on the particular circumstance.

The Trust remains focused on helping people living back of beyond, not only maintaining but also expanding its activities and thereby enhancing its contribution to residents of the Outback.

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