This national farming and agricultural events calendar will help you to find what’s going on across Australian agriculture; from ag events, livestock and farming courses, training programs, agricultural conferences, workshops, seminars, open days, stud sales, to livestock sales.

Looking for ag events or farming short courses to expand your skill set, meet other farmers or learn about current industry developments? Searching online for these opportunities can often take too much time and effort. Australian farming events and ag short courses are spread out across so many websites, social media platforms, flyers and direct email and endless searches on Google often leave us feeling deflated. But, feel deflated and frustrated no longer!

We have something in here for everyone from across Australia; whether you looking for agricultural conferences and industry events or more specific: such as calf and cattle sales, farm business workshops or training courses on pastures and grazing, cropping, livestock, beef cattle, sheep, wool, dairy, or horticulture.

If you’re searching for longer courses and training programs, please head over to AgCourses.

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