Bruiser the koala treated with acupuncture following dog attack

Updated June 15, 2018 09:24:43

If you were to glance at the green laundry basket on vet Ilona Hudson’s floor, all you may see is an oversized clump of gum leaves and a giant grey ball of fluff.

Look a few more moments and you’ll realise the fluff is sleeping.

It has ears, a long dark nose, and two thumbs on each paw complemented by large claws.

Bruiser the koala has spent months bound to this basket after a horrific dog attack in Port Stephens, New South Wales, left him unable to walk, climb, or even sit on tree branches.

“Unfortunately for Bruiser, his injuries were so bad, they are classic injuries of both a dog attack and a car accident all rolled into one,” carer and director of Port Stephens Koalas Julie Jennings said.

“His knee was dislocated so badly the surgery that was involved in fixing him up was a first for the vet on a koala.

“It’s also meant that his convalescence was unusually long to allow for his ligaments [and muscles] to start mending.”