2016 FarmLink Research Report (NSW)


Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

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This Farmlink Research Report includes the following topics:

  1. Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble across various rainfall environments in SA, Victoria and central and southern NSW
  2. Opportunities and challenges for continuous cropping systems
  3. Sheep grazing on crop residues increase soil mineral N and grain
  4. N uptake in subsequent wheat crops
  5. Contribution of sheep in no-till and zero-till systems
  6. The Strategic Use of Tillage Within Conservation Farming
  7. Facilitating increased on-farm adoption of broadleaf species in crop sequences to improve grain production and profitability
  8. Break crop research with FarmLink to manage grass weeds
  9. Impact of Condition Score on Artificial Insemination Success in White Suffolk Ewes
  10. Influence of Loose Lick Supplement on the Growth Rate of Lambs Grazing Stubbles
  11. Innovative Approaches to Managing Subsoil Acidity in the Southern Grain Region
  12. Soil Moisture Education for Landowners to Avoid Erosion and Achieve Productivity Outcomes
  13. What do pastures look like in the mixed farming zone?
  14. Fungicide responses for blackleg control in different canola resistance groups
  15. Imagery and other spatial data – what does it mean?
2016 - Australia - FarmLink
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