2017 FarmLink Research Report (NSW)


Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

A wonderful series of research summaries from FarmLink.

This FarmLink Research Reports provide results on the following:

  1. A flexible approach to managing stubble profitably in the Riverina and Southwest Slopes of NSW
  2. The effects of stubble on nitrogen tie-up and supply
  3. The effect of grazing and burning stubbles on grain yield and quality and gross margins in no-till and zero-till controlled traffic farming systems in SNSW (2017 update)
  4. Optimising Summer Weed Control – preserve soil moisture and reduce impact of variability in growing season rainfall
  5. Harvest Weed Seed Control in the Southern Region
  6.  Crop Competition for Weed Control in Southern NSW
  7. Can soil organic matter be increased in a continuous cropping system in the low to medium rainfall zone
  8. Long Term Pre-Conditioning of Ewes prior to Artificial Insemination Program -Effect on Success Rate
  9. Innovative Approaches to Managing Subsoil Acidity in the Southern Grain Region
  10.  Managing Subsoil Acidity Overview
  11. 3-D Ripping Machine- Genetic Potential for Yield Improvements on Acid Soils in Australia’s Major Grain Crop
  12. Comparison of a range of amendments on alleviating aluminium and manganese toxicity in wheat
  13. Managing Subsoil acidity for pulses in SNSW
  14. Best Environmental Technologies, TM Agricultural Soil Activator
  15. Demonstration Developing a Mixed Farming Systems Research, Development and Adoption Program
2017 - Australia - FarmLink
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