A Summary of Bovine Mastitis: Cause, Cost, Risk, Treatment

Shaheen M, Tantary HA and Nabi SU - Advances in Dairy Research

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

A really good and easily digestible summary of mastitis. Lots of useful information in this review!

A Treatise on Bovine Mastitis: Disease and Disease Economics, Etiological Basis, Risk Factors, Impact on Human Health, Therapeutic Management, Prevention and Control Strategy

What is this paper reviewing?

This paper outlines many aspects of bovine mastitis, including the different organisms causing disease, the economics of infection, environmental factors and treatment options.

Why should you read it?

This is a great, not too long summary of many aspects of mastitis. The article also touches on some new technologies for treatment of mastitis, as well as prevention and control strategies that may be of interest. Little information on diagnostics is presented, but overall an informative and interesting article that will give you a solid grounding for understanding mastitis, or a refresher.

2016 - India - Shaheen M, Tantary HA and Nabi SU - Advances in Dairy Research
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