Abrupt weaning type effect on lambs

Journal of Animal Behaviour Biometeorol - Fabio Luis Henrique et al.

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Farm Table says:

Research looked at the combination of gestational stress plus weaning method.

Abrupt weaning type combined to stress during late pregnancy in sheep present economic losses on carcass and low testicular development in lambs

What is the problem?

This study aimed to investigate the effect of progressive or abrupt weaning after the stress during middle and late pregnancy on the performance and development of lambs.

What did the research involve?

  • 24 male lambs from Santa Ines ewes
  • Pregnant ewes submitted to application of Lipolysaccharides E. coli during 70th day (IG) or 120th day (FG) of pregnancy
  • Lambs born separated into two groups, progressive weaning (PW) or abrupt weaning (AW) at 45 days of age.

What were the key findings?

  • FG lambs had lowest carcass weights compared to IG and control
  • Lambs from progressive weaning had higher carcass weight
  • Highest cross margin for control e coli and lowest for FG

Final comment

LPS challenge as a simulated disease process during late pregnancy and abrupt weaning reduce the testicular weight and the yield carcass, resulting in economic losses.

2018 - Australia - Journal of Animal Behaviour Biometeorol - Fabio Luis Henrique et al.
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