Accelerating the development of agtech solutions worth adopting

AgriFutures Australia - Sarah Nolet and Cass Mao

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Farm Table says:

Well done to the team on a practical and insightful look at agtech. As always, Sarah Nolet brings agtech back to earth and cuts through so much of the rhetoric we read and hear about. Please note this report is free to download and $45 to purchase a printed copy.

AgriFutures Australia has just released a new report co-authored by Sarah Nolet and Cass Mao that “acknowledges the barriers farmers face interacting with agtech”.

Technologies such as automation, GPS guidance, yield mapping, sensors and remote imaging were considered cutting edge just a few years ago, but now are commonplace. Technology has always been part of agriculture but the current rate of change is unprecedented and poses unique challenges and opportunities for the sector.

As noted by Sarah this week on LinkedIn:



2018 - Australia - AgriFutures Australia - Sarah Nolet and Cass Mao
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