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Farm Table says:

Useful online tool for producers in southern and western Australia to use in viewing historical trends for common ag commodities.

The ag price guide is a tool for producers to use online for access to historical commodity data for the areas of Western Australia and other parts of southern Australia.

It includes historical data for commodities including:

  1. Feeder Steers
  2. Trade Steers
  3. Japan Ox
  4. Cows
  5. Wool
  6. Canola
  7. Wheat
  8. Barley
  9. Lupins
  10. Lentils
  11. Trade Lambs
  12. Heavy Lambs
  13. Mutton
  14. Live Sheep
  15. EYCI
  16. ESTLI
  17. Lucerne
  18. Pasture Hay
  19. Straw Hay
  20. Cereal Hay

To access more information on the Ag Price Guide tool, click here.

Australia - Grain and Graze 3
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