AGISTMENT – Protocol for agistment of EU eligible cattle

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australian Government

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Farm Table says:

EU-accredited and looking to agist cattle. Read this!

This one-page word document outlines the Rules applicable to EUCAS accredited farms when Scheme cattle are agisted on a different PIC.

The protocol outlines:

  1. Detail in writing to AQIS the proposal and the controls that will be applied.
  2. Agistment to non-EU properties from an EU property is only permitted in emergency situations for a limited period.  The preferred option is that agistment must be to an existing EU property, or the agisting property takes EU accreditation and therefore the movement is within the Scheme.
  3. Permission to agist on a non-EU property would only be granted to an area defined by boundaries, contact with non-eligible cattle is guaranteed not to occur and the cattle must remain under supervision. The guarantee and supervision should be detailed in the proposal.
  4. Cattle must return home after agistment. They may not be moved from the agisting property to any other property, or direct to the meatworks.
  5. All cattle must be individually identified with NLIS devices before they leave the property.
  6. Records of the number of cattle leaving the property must be kept.
  7. All cattle must be read and NLIS and RFID number recorded prior to leaving the property. A print out of the NLIS or RFID numbers must be provided to AQIS and a copy filed with the EUCAS records on farm.
  8. The cattle must remain as a discrete mob.
  9. A count is made of the total number of cattle that return to the property.
  10. Upon returning to the property, the cattle must be checked to ensure that the NLIS device has remained in place. All cattle must be read upon return to the property. A list of the NLIS or RFID numbers for returning animals must be provided to AQIS.
  11. Any cattle missing the identification device are to be isolated and removed from the property as EU ineligible, unless statutory documentation attesting the traceability of the cattle is provided to AQIS.
  12. Any unaccounted for discrepancies in the cattle numbers must be reported to AQIS.  Additional guidance will be given on what to do in this event.
Australia - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australian Government
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