Agriculture and the ‘Internet of Things’: how it will change in Australia

Andrea Koch, AustralianFarmers - National Farmers' Federation Ltd

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Interesting blog article from Australian Farmers on technology in agriculture and the 'Internet of Things' and how it could change Australian farming.

This article discusses various aspects of agriculture, technology and the ‘Internet of Things’ and how it will change in Australia.

Key points were as follows:

  • The term ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT was created as a vision from a British technology pioneer that could see a future in technology between sensors monitoring the outside world and being connected via the internet.
  • IoT is all about connectivity, being able to connect with any device at any time no matter the location and having no limitations with data capacity and being more cost effective than mobile networks.
  • The four main drivers of the ‘Internet of Things’ includes:
  1. Cost of sensing technology
  2. Connectivity
  3. Big data analysis
  4. Interoperability
  • IoT is a term that falls under the same category as smart farming and it is important for the agricultural industry as it will enable the connectivity of all data from many sources to be able to be connected into one area that can be used to assist producers more effectively manage and monitor their enterprises.
  • “The development of IoT in Australian agriculture is part of the next chapter in precision agriculture.”
  • The policy areas that need more focus are connectivity in rural areas and regulations around data security and privacy.
  • Rural connectivity remains the largest issue, keeping many rural communities with no accessibility to data.
  • An important aspect of big data development is privacy and security, so it becomes crucial that with advances in this type of technology that these aspects don’t get forgotten.
2017 - Australia - Andrea Koch, AustralianFarmers - National Farmers' Federation Ltd
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