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Farm Table says:

This is US focused and fairly high level in terms of the business concepts however it's an interesting look at broader issues facing the food industry, in which farming is at the very core.


How food companies can buy and sell their way to competitive advantage

Food companies, faced with new and challenging market forces, are changing their strategic approach to growth. For many, this means focusing on capabilities as a driver of how to organise and operate their businesses for competitive advantage. For winning companies, this focus on capabilities is informing their growth path, including how they approach mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

PwC have developed a suite of PDF information sheets dealing with a number of agri-related issues.

This resource covers how food companies can maximise the opportunity to become as competitive as possible through the following strategy concepts:

  • is it time to think differently about growth? Capabilities-driven strategy
  • using a capabilities mindset for portfolio optimization
  • using a capabilities mindset to identify and evaluate acquisitions
  • executing the deal successfully
2015 - United States - PwC
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