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An interesting article overviewing the Australian almond industry.

The Australian Almond industry grew close to $1 billion worth of almonds in 2021 and the industry is expected to expand with the rise of plant-based protein and milk products appealing to consumers. Due to the supply and demand factors, many more farmers in the Riverina are planting almond orchards.

As trees mature and more plantings are happening each year, Australia is expected to be a major player in the world market of almond sales. In this article by Sandra Goodwin of The Farmer magazine, we read an interview with a fourth-generation farmer and why the family left the vegetable trade and moved into growing almonds.

Due to the huge amount of water that almond trees consume there has been a lot of research to use water more efficiently through targeted irrigation systems. This article covers the water stress on the environment, water flows in the river systems, and the influence of higher pricing for water which affects the farming industries around the almond farms.


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