Audit of water meters used by lucerne seed growers in south-east SA to improve efficiency and water management and reduce environmental impact.

Lucerne Australia - Natural Resources SE

Type: Case Study
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

A good discussion around which water meters are the most reliable and the reasons why they may not be operating as they should

What is the problem?

Lucerne Australia conducted an audit of water meters used by lucerne seed growers in south-east SA to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact

The audit questioned the use, cost, effectiveness, maintenance support and longevity of water meters.

What did the research involve?

  •  A communications review, including desktop research into water meters.
  • A total of 30 qualitative telephone or face-to-face grower interviews.
  • An online quantitative survey distributed to over 100 growers.
  • Liaison with water meter resellers, analysis and recommendations

What were the key findings?

It gained insights into:

  • the number of water meters managed by grower members in the region;
  • the types of water meters being used on farm;
  • the most common brands of water meters being used;
  • most common service providers;
  • how regularly water meters require servicing and repairing;
  • which water meters provide the most longevity and are most reliable;
  • which parts of the meters are breaking down; and
  • determining the cause(s) of equipment breakdowns.

Final comment

On completion of this project, results were shared with regional irrigators, local industry groups and any other interested parties to ensure all irrigators can profit from this newfound knowledge.

2014 - Australia - Lucerne Australia - Natural Resources SE
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