Australia’s Goat Market

ABC Western Queensland - by Maddelin McCosker

Farm Table says:

Australia is experiencing a growing domestic demand for goat meat since the outbreak of Covid. Global demand for goat meat is rising and Australia was the biggest exporter of goat meat in 2019. Since the pandemic, meat exports have slowed down but the industry is buoyed by domestic demand. The value of Australian goat meat is on the rise, global demand is full of opportunities for our growers. There is a promising future for Australian producers of goat meat in both the domestic and global markets.

Article: Australia’s domestic goat market goes gangbusters in global pandemic with Queensland ‘leading the way’.

Key points:

  • When COVID-19 caused havoc to worldwide supply chains, goat processors took advantage of a gap in the domestic market
  • The industry is seeing a huge rise across the country, from grazing, breeding, and meat processing
  • In 2019, Australia was the largest exporter of goat meat, despite accounting for only 1 percent of global production
2021 - ABC Western Queensland - by Maddelin McCosker
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