Autonomous UAV with Vision Based On-board Decision Making for Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture

Bilal Alsalam, Felipe Gonzalez, Kye Morton & Duncan A Campbell

Farm Table says:

Interesting research article defining how precision agriculture will benefit from UAV technology. I was interested to read that "remote sensing using UAVs in precision agriculture can assist farmers to assess plant yield, plant health and disease".

This research paper on autonomous UAVs discusses vision based on-board decision making for remote sensing ability and how it can be effectively used in precision agriculture to benefit farmers.

Items covered in this article were:

  • About UAVs
  • System Architecture
  • Test cases

Key points were as follows:

  • UAV technology has progressed across many fields in the last few years with precision agriculture being a key area.
  • UAVs can assist farmers maximise crop health using satellite technology.
  • On-board decision making applications have been applied to UAVs to help manage data storage capacity and have been used in farming in recent times to complete functions such as applying herbicide if the need is detected.
  • The system architecture covers the following areas:
  1. Hardware system design
  2. Electrical integration
  3. About the detection and on-board decision making
  4. Robotic operating system
  5. Target detection software
  6. Ultrasonic sensor software
  7. Navigation software
  • The three test cases were specific to the following areas:
  1. ArUco marker
  2. Colour
  3. Weed detection and spraying
2017 - Australia - Bilal Alsalam, Felipe Gonzalez, Kye Morton & Duncan A Campbell
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