Balancing your Animals with your Forage

National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Type: Factsheet

Small scale solutions for your farm – this fact sheet from the US covers the essentials of how many animals should you be grazing and how many acres of pasture does each cow need.

This help sheet provides formulas so you can calculate:

  • the length of your grazing season in days or you can figure how much you will need for the whole year by using 365 days
  • the average weight of one of your animals
  • the total number of acres available for grazing
  • the average yield of your pasture per acre
  • The daily consumption rate for livestock which is always .04 or 4%. This figure is fixed because livestock need to have 4% of their weight in forage each day (2.5-3% intake, .5 trampling loss and .5-1% buffer)
2009 - National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
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