Beef and Dairy Network Podcast

Benjamin Partridge

Type: Podcast

Farm Table says:

WINNER - Gold - Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards 2017. WINNER - Gold - Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards 2018. "A gorgeously absurd comedy podcast by Benjamin Partridge. Played completely straight, it offers total immersion in one man's comedy world." The 50 best podcasts of 2016, The Guardian (read here)

The Beef And Dairy Network Podcast is a comedy podcast by Benjamin Partridge. It is part of the Maximum Fun podcast network. The number one podcast for those involved or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds.

The Beef And Dairy Network is a show that parodies highly specialised industry newsletters dedicated to the intricacies of food production. 

The English comedian Benjamin Partridge got his inspiration when one of his friends kept getting signed up to all these trade journals from organisations like the Pork Network for a joke.

The result is dry, deadpan and very funny with shows highlighting the role of cows in wartime, a bovine poet laureate, and rumoured sightings of a rare pygmy cow.

Episodes include:

  • The Ballad Of Parsnip Flendercroft
  • Beefy Boy
  • Beef Call
  • Lamb Therapy
  • Beef Encounters


United Kingdom - Benjamin Partridge
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