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Helpful article on cattle export specifications and breed types. Interesting to see the variation that can exist in specifications for beef cattle export markets.

This article provides useful information on beef cattle export, what breeds of cattle are in Australia to suit various environments and specifications for export cattle.

Key points were as follows:

  • Tropical breeds of cattle include:
  1. Santa Gertrudis
  2. Brahman
  3. Droughtmaster
  4. Brangus
  • European breeds of cattle include:
  1. Charloais
  2. Simmental
  3. Limousin
  4. Wagyu
  5. Fleckvieh
  • British breeds of cattle include:
  1. Angus
  2. Hereford
  3. Murray Grey
  • Cattle export specifications include supply quantity, sex, weight range, age and price.
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