Big Data: Hype or necessity for WA growers?

Bruce Maxwell & Simon Cook - GRDC Updates

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Farm Table says:

Learning may be the key for Western Australian farmers to adapt to big data and the increasing technologies in crop production, catch up on the latest information with this GRDC update.

This GRDC update covers big data and how it will affect Western Australian growers by discussing the types of change that can occur with the introduction of big data and how to make the most of it through various applications and learning.

Key points were as follows:

  • Big data in agriculture means:
  1. Technology such as data modelling, control, remote sensing, social media networking, visualization, iot and connected farming, omics and computer power.
  2. Practices such as big data, precision agriculture, omics, analytics and digital agriculture.
  • The two types of knowledge based agriculture includes:
  1. Greater eco-efficiency
  2. Increased product value
  • The four types of applications where big data can be applied include:
  1. Strategy
  2. Production
  3. Marketing
  4. Resource
  • The three domains of science include:
  1. Data sciences
  2. Agricultural sciences
  3. Decision sciences
  • People will still be needed to operate technology and an important aspect is to ensure farmers are taught how to effectively understand, operate and analyse the data along the way.
Australia - Bruce Maxwell & Simon Cook - GRDC Updates
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