Bindis n Bulldust

Bindis n Bulldust

Type: Podcast

Bindis n Bulldust is bringing the voice of the outback alive with ‘telling stories way outback’. From the stock camp today or days gone by to the issues in our lives and all the remarkable people in between.

Previous episodes include:

  • The Oasis in the Outback – Pauline Royes talks about life at the Lynd Oasis Roadhouse.
  • Three Strikes Snake Bite – Mark Lalor has a yarn that could very well have the hairs standing on the back of your neck.
  • Nikki the Nanny – Nikki Johnston chats about nanny life on a station, remote living, family support and all her other hobbies in between.
  • Every Man n His Dog – Insights into a few of the competitors who attended the Fletcherview Working Cattle Dog Trial.

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