Biodiversity – key to landscape regeneration

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Farm Table says:

Learn more about biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable agricultural production with this informative article from Soils for Life.

This article talks about biodiversity and how it’s the key to landscape regeneration in Australia.

Key points were as follows:

  • Biodiversity provides us with a healthy planet in which to live and survive.
  • Preserving and boosting biodiversity is imperative to enhancing soil health and ensuring a sustainable, regenerative and productive food system, which will support rural livelihoods and a healthy environment.”
  • Ecosystems form an important part of biodiversity, it’s important to maintain ecosystems and ensure they don’t weaken.
  • For agricultural production to be sustainable and for ecosystems to be maintained, the following should be considered:
  1. Introduce rotational grazing and cropping
  2. Increase or regenerate natural habitat areas
  3. Minimise the use of chemicals such as insecticides, herbicides and pesticides
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