Biological control of Paterson’s curse – an interactive guide

Raelene Kwong DPI Victoria - Meat & Livestock Australia Limited

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

This research article covers the biological control of Paterson's curse and features an interactive guide online that discusses the CD that is available to assist producers, agronomists and the wider farming community. The CD will become a true ‘One Stop Pato Shop'.

What is the problem?

The objective of the project is to develop and deliver a toolkit in the form of a CD providing a biological control of Paterson’s curse resource to support primary producers, agronomists, and Weed Extension personnel.

This proposal is aimed to:

• Spread the CD providing information to the target audience on access and management of biological weed control agents for Paterson’s curse.

• Transport procedure implemented for the 500 copies provided to each State.

What did the research involve?

– Material for the CD was collated from the Agency partners in the project – DPI Victoria, NSW DPI, SARDI, DAFWA.

– The CD was developed with a multi-level cascade structure which can be navigated spatially (click-on maps) or through standard dynamic menus and/or static links. Information was categorized by user type (ie farmer, weed officer, etc) enabling its users to navigate to information relevant to their needs.

– The CD contains information targeted at landholder and Landcare groups seeking opportunities for biocontrol; accessing agents; identification of establishing nursery sites; managing populations through wet and dry periods; estimates of adequate populations; monitoring tools (frequency / method); biocontrol and other control methods; network contact details; maps of where agents are located; where agents could be effective; relevant brochures/ publications relating to the project weeds or agents.

-The structural and graphic design was sub-contracted to Coolatai Technologies Pty Ltd. Coolatai Technologies was responsible for the development of the complex content cascade and the spatial and menu based navigational systems.

– A CD distribution strategy was formulated based on state
needs at the national workshop.

What were the key findings?

Market research was carried out in order to determine who the end users of a CD on the Biological Control of Paterson’s curse might be, and what content would be required in such a CD to meet their needs.

These end-user groups require both general information on the biological control of Paterson’s curse, and some more specific information for the different end-user groups.

Landholder/managers – The representatives of this group of end users identified the following information requirements for the CD:
• Biological information about Paterson’s curse – how to identify it, life cycle.

• What is biological control – how does it work, will it work for me, how much does