Blockchain is Coming for Agriculture and You Might Not Even Notice

AgFunder - Remi Schmaltz

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Blockchain can be difficult to get your head around. Learn more via this article.

While blockchain is theoretically interesting, farm owners and growers want technology that produces real benefits in the near term. In agriculture, blockchain promises a single source of truth about the state of your farm, inventory, and contracts. Many farmers today utilize a combination of software, apps, spreadsheets, pen and paper, and memory to record their data. That effort is then multiplied when farm service providers require information and data in order to deliver on the service they were hired to perform. By providing a single source of data for a farm, blockchain minimizes the strain of record-keeping and maintaining multiple record systems. Blockchain can ultimately save time and energy in the agriculture value chain.

This article from CEO of Decisive Farming, Remi Schmaltz, explain the practical implications of blockchain under the following headings:

  • Traceability in the Crop Supply Chain
  • Precision Farming & Farming Resource Management
  • Internet-Of-Things & Quality Control

Blockchain is coming for agriculture in a big way. It will make it easier to track, manage, and transact in all kinds of agricultural assets, from crops, to inventory, to precision data. When blockchain comes, however, you might not even notice it. Blockchain is a low-level, behind the scenes technology that creates secure databases.

2018 - United States - AgFunder - Remi Schmaltz
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