Body Condition Loss in Early Lactation Tool


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Farm Table says:

Step-by-step instructions to help you estimate the financial and reproductive benefit of maintaining the body condition of cows during early lactation.

This tool is produced by Dairy NZ and looks at a gap calculator tool to measure body condition in early lactation.

It allows you to measure the difference between the herd’s actual and desired body condition (BCS) loss in early lactation, i.e. between calving and mating, and assesses the likely impact of this on herd reproductive performance.

The key sections include:

  • why use this tool (including assessment of past, present and future performance);
  • estimating the likely effect of closing the gap on herd reproductive performance;
  • developing and implementing strategies to reduce the loss in BCS after calving and subsequent reduction in in-calf rates.

To use this tool, work through the fact sheet’s four basic steps:

  1. Measure;
  2. Identify the gap;
  3. Assess the benefits; and
  4. Develop and implement a strategy.

It also includes a template of the Body Condition Score Recording Sheet.

After following the tool through, you will be able to identify issues in your herd’s reproductive performance that are linked to BCS loss during early lactation and calculate the economic benefit of maintaining BCS during this period.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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