Breeding meat goats on small farms


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  • Marketing: do your research before you invest time and money building a meat goat herd. Find out what the market is demanding
  • Fencing: the type of fencing goats need is different from other livestock. Goats need particular fencing or they will escape and wander
  • Water: do you know how much water goats need per day?
  • Feed: goats will eat woody weeds and shrubbery plus pasture if it is available
  • Health: goats need quarantining, vaccinating, and drenching
  • Forums: the forums include questions and answers from all aspects of small farm management

Meat goats are ideal for small acreages or for earning some extra income from a small parcel of land or a block that is unsuitable to other livestock. They can be kept anywhere and will keep blackberries and woody weeds under control.

Australia has been exporting goat meat for a long time, and global demand is always growing. This news article discusses the history of goats in Australia and the type of goats we have and how they are bred today.

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