How Breedplan compares cattle in different environments

NSW DPI - Brian Sundstrom

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Farm Table says:

Easy to interpret article on BREEDPLAN. I now have a much better understanding of BREEDPLAN and how genetics and other trends can be linked and compared.

This article discusses how BREEDPLAN compares cattle in different environments, how it links to other related breeding and looks at genetic trends.

Items covered in this article were:


• BREEDPLAN management groups

• Linking animals

• Genetic and environmental trends

Key points were as follows:

• BREEDPLAN evaluates cattle based on genetics and is an online program.

• BREEDPLAN compares genetically linked groups and also separates groups that may have been treated different; these are known as management groups.

• Animals can be linked on BREEDPLAN when they have a genetic connection such as a dam or sire.

• Genetic trends can be viewed over a certain period of time and this can also take into account the environmental trends such as seasons, feed and management.

Australia - NSW DPI - Brian Sundstrom
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