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Interesting article on understanding agroecology, how its defined and the associated farming methods that make it sustainable and help improve biodiversity.

This article talks about agroecology and helps producers understand the benefits that come from a more organic source of food production.

Key points were as follows:

  • The three ways of defining agroecology include:
  1. Farming practices such as organic farming, crop rotation and agroforestry.
  2. Scientific disciplines such as climate change, soil health and biodiversity.
  3. Social movements such as ARC2020, where people come together and work towards the same agri-food production goals.
  • Agroecology is all about sustainable farming practices that improve biodiversity.
  • Production methods for agroecology include long term sustainability of farming systems for items such as soil health.
  • Food processing and distribution in an egroecology framework have minimal conventional processes and inputs.
  • An important fact for consumers to know about agroecology is that it is the opposite to conventional farming and a similar method to that of organic farming.
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