Building a Better Australia: 50+ Stories of Co-operation

Toro Media

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Farm Table says:

This document provides case studies on some of Australia's leading co-operatives.

This publication describes the significant role that co-operatives play in the economic vitality and community life of Australia.

Co-operatives are a serious business model with scale. However, their strength is not only financial, it is ethical. Co-operatives do not demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility as vague statements of intent. Their values and principles are at the heart of what they actually do.

The recent Global Financial Crisis showed everyone the limitations of a business model concerned only with short-term profit at the expense of longer-term sustainability. Governments and others are seeing that there is a benefit in building a society that includes different forms of business enterprise. Co-operatives bring reliability, balance and values to an economy.

2012 - Australia - Toro Media
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