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Business Wales - Welsh Government

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Knowledge level: Introductory

Farm Table says:

Although Welsh based and not 100% of the template is relevant, it is a nice, visually appealing template that provides some ready made tables.


Access the Business Plan Guide before using the template.

This Strategic Business Plan Template from the Welsh Government is a “clean” template that simply includes a structure for writing your plan.

How to use this guide

Think of strategic management like reading a map:

  • where am I now?
  • where do I want to go?
  • what is the best way to get there?
  • how do I stay on track?

Each question is covered below in turn, but feel free to flick through the various sections to get a feel for the whole process of planning and implementing long term changes to your business. Once you have a broad understanding of what the workbook covers, it is best to complete the workbook in the logical order of the above questions.

2015 - United Kingdom - Business Wales - Welsh Government
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