Buying livestock on Facebook or Gumtree? Be aware of risks

Livestock Biosecurity Network - Rachel Gordon

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Farm Table says:

With online forms of trading livestock becoming more important, we have to be aware of the risks.

In this article, Rachel Gordon outlines the risks of buying livestock on social media and buy, swap, sell platforms.

She notes:

This ease in trading does come with certain risks though, and it can increase the opportunity for unwanted pests, diseases, and weeds to be inadvertently spread around the country.

In some cases, vendors and buyers are simply unaware of their responsibilities, particularly if they are not used to trading livestock. Perhaps they just want to have a few ‘grass eaters’ in the backyard.

Rachel recommends the following:

  • using health statements
  • holding animals in yards on arrival
  • quarantining animals for 28 days
  • monitoring for disease
  • monitoring for weeds
2017 - Australia - Livestock Biosecurity Network - Rachel Gordon
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