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Interesting article on BREEDPLAN and how its used to assist producers with calving ease. Its good to know that BREEDPLAN specifically looks at the genetic factors in breeding.

This article discusses calving ease EBVs and how BREEDPLAN can assist producers.

Items covered in this article were:


• Genetic factors

• Interpreting calving ease EBVs

Key points were as follows:

• BREEDPLAN offers calving ease EBVs on specific breeds of interest to producers.

• BREEDPLAN specifically looks at genetic factors, these include calf (weight and shape) and cow (pelvic area and calving ‘will’). Birthweight is an important factor however genetically these factors are the most able to be altered.

• BREEDPLAN calving ease EBVs are calculated using three factors:

1) birthweight

2) calving ease score

3)length of gestation

• Calving ease scores are taken by producers to record through BREEDPLAN, they are then used to correlate with birthweight and gestation length records on the system and compare in like groups as well as with pedigree matches.

• Calving ease (DIR) EBVs (estimates of genetic differences in the ability of bulls’ calves from 2-year-old heifers to be born unassisted).

• Calving ease (DTRS) EBVs (estimates of genetic differences between animals in the ability of their 2-year-old daughters to calve without assistance).

Australia - NSW DPI
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