Calving Pattern in Dairy Cows


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Farm Table says:

Using the tactics for improving calving pattern in conjunction with DairyNZ's Calving Pattern Tool, you can actively work towards improved reproductive performance.

This webpage, produced by DairyNZ, discusses the spread of calving patterns and how managing the pattern can improve your herd’s reproductive performance.

Key sections include:

  • Calving pattern targets (whole herd and first calvers);
  • Tactics for improving calving patterns:
    • Mating first calvers earlier;
    • Growing heifers to target weights;
    • Targeted culling;
    • Cow condition management; and
    • Maximising 3-week submission rates.

It also includes a table showing the probable chance a cow has in getting in calf in the first six weeks or her chance of being empty based on the amount of recovery time she has between calving and mating.

In summary, the tactics that can be employed to reduce the calving pattern are can be effective to increase the reproductive performance of your herd without having to use invasive techniques.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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