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Factual information on BREEDPLAN and calculating carcase EBVs. Interesting to know that current carcase EBVs are based on eye muscle area, fat depth and retail beef yield%.

This article discusses carcase EBVs and how BREEDPLAN can assist producers.

Items covered in this article were:


• Carcase EBVs

• Steer carcase weight endpoint

Key points were as follows:

• BREEDPLAN offers carcase EBVs for eye muscle area, fat depth and retail beef yield%.

• More variety with EBVs was sought as data couldn’t be compared for bulls, steers and heifers so in the late 1990’s BREEDPLAN made a steer carcase weight endpoint available.

• Version 4.2 was released in 2002 including the steer carcase weight endpoint (including express EBVs on a 300 kg steer carcase equivalent; combine abattoir carcase measurements with live scan measurements; use overseas EBVs/EPDs in the analysis (the US equivalent of an EBV is an EPD) and provides carcase weight and IMF% EBVs).

• Look ahead, BREEDPLAN hopes that technological advances would assist carcase EBVs so they could be calculated from scans, abattoir reports and gene markers.

Australia - NSW DPI
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