Business Models of Grower Groups: A collection of case studies

Grower Group Alliance

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This guide from Grower Group Alliance provides a collection of case studies of grower groups.

As part of the role in supporting groups to become more relevant, sustainable and effective, the GGA has developed case studies to understand the key drivers of grower groups across Australia, and to highlight how they differ in size, structure and member engagement.

The aim of the book is to provide grower groups and industry with an insight into how these organisations formed and how they are now run to deliver benefits to their grower members. It’s hoped other groups will identify what has worked well or not so well, and use the new knowledge to consider improvements to their own group operations.

Case studies include:

  1. Birchip Cropping Group
  2. Corrigin Farm Improvement Group
  3. Fitzgerald Biosphere Group
  4. Hart Field-Site Group
  5. Holt Rock Group
  6. Mallee Sustainable Farming
  7. North East Farming Futures
  8. Northern Agri Group
  9. South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA)
  10. Southern DIRT
  11. Western Australian No Till Farming Association (WANTFA)
  12. West Midlands Group
  13. Women in Farming Enterprises
2015 - Australia - Grower Group Alliance
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