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Farm Table says:

These calculators will be very helpful in assisting to determine the profit (or loss) from cattle trading. PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO KLR STUDENTS.

This webpage is produced by KLR Marketing from Loomberah NSW and provides a range of calculators and videos to assist with cattle trading decisions.

These calculators can be downloaded and cover the following topics:

  • Cattle Trading – this calculator is the most commonly used calculator for traders of Steers, Heifers and Cows where price is in cents per Kg and the weight gain will determine the length of the trade
  • Cattle Trading  $$ / Head – this calculator is most commonly  used when trading cattle in dollars per head. Mainly Cows where you enter the weeks held, not weight gain
  • Cattle Females Cents / Kg – this calculator is most commonly used for trading cows ,where you trading in Cents / Kg and you determine the time rather than the weight gain
  • Cattle Trading Cow / Calf – this calculator is most commonly used for trading Cows and Calves using dollars per head and weeks held.
  • Cattle Trading Up – This calculator is most commonly used when selling light cattle and buying heavier cattle

These calculators are in excel format and require the input of figures from your business.

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