Centre Draft and Side Working Race with Dip Incorporated

Type: Research Paper
Knowledge level: Advanced

Farm Table says:

This is quite an old paper but still provides some good information if you are looking at improving your sheep handling facilities

What is the Problem?

The paper’s main objective is to classify and present if the center draft and side working race with dip incorporated yards provide beneficiary and welfare qualities or problems and impediments to sheep handling.

What did the research involve?

The research determined the effectivity of center draft and side working race with dip incorporated yards. It also provided several recommended ways to remediate some minor conveniences the said yard may possess.

What were the key findings?

The key findings include the efficient marks of the center draft and side working race with dip incorporated yards:

  • Large mobs can be efficiently handled with minor interventions that can cost much time.
  • The draft and dip at the ends work valuable. In the dip, the dipping interferes the sheep movement released from the working race. It also provides a good draw for the race.
  • The central working race can be efficiently worked by one, two or more operators.
  • Sheep movement is termed as “fairly good” because the capacities of the yard’s draft are similar with the before and the after works
  • The length of the working race is convenient and adequate.
  • The main holding yards descends the strenuous effort to be executed by the operators and shepherd dogs.

Some recommended ways to alleviate some minor conveniences:

  • The yard lacks the two-way operation of the working race so the gateways are not adequately wide enough. In this means, gates should be more 3000mm wide.
  • The yard may involve refinement of the force every time the race is filled. So, a small or a larger force that will allow refinement of both races are recommended.
  • The main holding yards should not be made wider but narrower and longer for convenient sheep flow.

Final Comment

Succinctly, the center draft and side working race with dip incorporated yards are accorded with convenient features that result to efficient sheep movement and sheep handling in mere totality. However, some of the discussed recommendations to prevent eventual major inconveniences must be taken considered by the operators.

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