Centre Draft and Side Working Race

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Farm Table says:

Interesting read if you are considering updating your sheep yards.

What is the Problem?

The Centre draft and side working race shown can handle 800 woolled sheep and 900 off-shears  Merinos, and 750 woolled sheep and 850 off-shears Crossbreeds. It has also an area of 562 square metres.

The paper established the capacity and adequacy of sheep movement in the center draft and side working race.

What did the research involve?

The paper showcased both the good and substandard sides of center draft and side working race to be dealt with.

What were the key findings?

Good sides:

  • accorded with a small amount of hindrance, sheep can move freely inside this conventional rectangular design since sheep can be concurrently put through the working race and the draft from the set of holding yards
  • the return of sheep can be easily carried out because the layout can be shaped with the shearing shed
  • 525 Merino and/or Crossbreeds sheep can efficiently be handled in the center draft and side working race. If such number of sheep is exceeded, more stops and sheep movements are needed

Substandard sides:

  • it entails more fills compared to longer races requiring more the need for time and effort to be exerted in sheep handling.
  • the deficiency of forcing pens to the central working place makes the filling slower
  • since the yards have no accessible gates on the end side of the drafting race, the drafter can run into problems moving the sheep

Final Comment

The result of the key findings provided further information to operators and drafters on properly handling the sheep and its movement. Moreover, these are just some of the good and substandard features of the centre draft and side working race to be carefully considered. It is always advisable that adequate layouts, gates, and working races are associated with each other.

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