Checking your bull is ready for joining

NSW DPI - Brian Cumming

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Farm Table says:

Informative article on checking that your bull is ready for joining. I was suprised to learn that cattle vets can conduct a bull breeding soundness examination to check the full health and soundness of a bull before the joining season.

This article talks about checking your bull to ensure he is ready for joining for the upcoming season.

Items covered in this article were:

• When to check bulls

• What should be checked on the bull?

• What can I check myself?

• What do I need a vet to check?

• Performance risks

Key points were as follows:

• Bulls can be checked before joining, after joining or after weaning.

• The following are suggested areas to look at when checking a bull:

1) Scrotal circumference

2) Sperm

3) Soundness

4) Health

5) Mating ability

6) Age

7) Condition

8) Social interaction ability

Most of these items can be checked by producers however vets can conduct a bull breeding soundness examination if required, the check covers all of the above items and gives you a full health examination of the animal.

• Annual check-ups of bulls are just as important as checking the health of the bull throughout the serving season to ensure he is still performing. Bulls can become injured or break down so it’s important to ensure any issues are identified early to minimize any production loss.

2006 - Australia - NSW DPI - Brian Cumming
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