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Farm Table says:

This webpage is a brief summary, but contains some good information to get started.  The decision on what to supplement your cow's diet with comes down to what the cheapest form of energy is, as well as infrastructure, storage, wastage, the logistics of feeding and utilisation of the supplement.

This webpage, produced by DairyNZ, provides summarised information on commonly fed supplements including the energy content, estimated wastage and suitability as a practical and safe supplement.  The list of supplements includes feedstuff less commonly fed, including potatoes, tapioca, palm kernel extract and some fruits.

It also includes a series of links to fact sheets from FeedRight, including:

  • Feeding fat supplements;
  • Feeding starch or sugar after calving; and
  • Additional fibre requirements for lactating cows in pasture systems.

In conclusion, this webpage is a simple summary of common feed supplements for dairy cows, the energy content and contribution of each supplement and considerations that should be thought about prior to introducing the feed into your cow’s diet.

2018 - New Zealand - DairyNZ
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