What is Community Supported Agriculture?

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Introduction to the philosophy,practicality and risk profile of a CSA.


What is the problem?

For a better sustainable agricultural land management and food distribution systems, CSA is the appropriate agricultural production/marketing system to provide that shape.

This article introduced the basic and helpful information about CSA and its available services.

What did the research involve?

The research involved in finding out the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence of CSA, its associated practicality, ways in sharing the risk between the members and growers, and retaining the land through CSA.

What were the key findings?

  • CSA provides a sustainable network of local production. Its functions include shifting the food production from the global to the local, limiting the use of pesticides, chemicals, and fossil fuels, generating closer ties between farmer and consumer, building social communities, and firming the economic and environmental status.
  • CSA encompasses the partnership between growers and a dedicated network of members who consigned to receiving a regular box of vegetables that are sometimes included with fruit, dairy, eggs, meat, honey and/or flowers by some CSA organizing members and/or business producers.
  • An advance payment is included for security purposes. The members can financially support the farm, publish newsletters, recruiting new members, and presuming some of the costs and risks along with their grower/s.
  • The CSA members accept a seasonal output from the farms in times of production prosperity and a more restricted supply during winter or inconvenient seasons. Through newsletters, these are shared through a supplication of information in providing recipes and suggestions on how to use the produce.
  • Many reported cases have provided that members have put up capital to buy land that may have otherwise been sold while some have provided loans when growers were unable to access conventional bank loans.

Final comment

CSA focuses on fresh, local, environmentally sound foods. Therefore, sustainability and well-rounded produces are anticipated from CSA services.

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