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A voluntary farm and environmental management system for cotton growers.

myBMP is a free information system for growers to:

  • Access the latest information and research.
  • Find solutions to on-farm challenges
  • Utilise a wide variety of tools and features to assist in running a cotton production business including information on legislative requirements, best practice and aspiration cotton industry goals.

Information is categorised into 10 key modules for growers:

  • Biosecurity – for prevention, management and control of pests and diseases
  • Energy and Input Efficiency – for more efficient energy inputs such as electricity, fuel and fertilisers
  • Fibre Quality – for growing the best quality cotton possible
  • Human Resources and Work Health and Safety – helps growers manage employees and contractors whilst providing a safe and compliant workplace
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – for management of pests, weeds and diseases
  • Sustainable Natural Landscape – for managing the vegetative and riparian assets on your farm
  • Pesticide Management – for all aspects of pesticide management, storage and use on farm
  • Petrochemical Storage and Handling – for managing fuels and lubricants on farm
  • Soil Health – for maintaining and/or improving soil quality and fertility
  • Water Management – covering water quality, efficiency of storage and distribution for both dryland and irrigated farming practices
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