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Former CottonInfo Regional Extension Officer for the Darling Downs, John Smith, recorded a two-part audio podcast series – Cotton Conversations – with two of the industry’s outstanding leaders. (Cotton Info)

Previous episodes include:

  • Podcast #1: John ‘Cowboy’ Cameron – The Cameron’s run a drylands farming property at Bonged in the QLD Darling Downs. The Cameron’s started farming 25 years ago with very little financial backing and not much experience.
  • Podcast #2: Andrew Bate – Andrew Bate is an agronomist who has a vision to use robotics to revolutionise the way we farm. Andrew’s farm in located near Emerald on the QLD Central Highlands where they grow drylands crops such as chickpea, wheat, mungbeans and sorghum. They also breed, fatten and feedlot beef cattle

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