Cracking The Nutrient Code

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Managing risks is always important, this resources identifies some of the risks involved with nutrient application. Useful tool when developing a farm plan involving this.

This resource is written by Fertilizer Australia in 2001.

The Nutrient Management Code of Practice can help farming industries to maximize the efficient use of nutrients in their systems, which will in turn:
• minimize environmental impact, and
• increase production efficiency

The management of nutrients in agriculture has the potential to impact upon the wider community as well as having important commercial and trade implications.

The Australian community requires that agricultural industries demonstrate that they are implementing best practice nutrient management for production and environmental sustainability.

The key sections are:
2. Developing a Nutrient Management Code of Practice
2.1 What makes a good Code of Practice? 2.2 ‘Cracking the Nutrient Code’ – Principles and Process
2.3 Knowing What To Look For
2.4 Evaluate Current Activities
2.5 Consider the Environmental
2.6 Prioritise Nutrient Management Risks
2.7 Identify Best Management Practices
2.8 Foster the Process of Continuous Improvement
2.9 Identify Appropriate Nutrient Management Tools
2.10 Writing the Code
2.11 Nutrient Management Risk Matrix
2.12 Nutrient Management Risk Calculator
2.13 Nutrient Management Plan
3. The Nutrient Management
3.1 Soil Testing3.2 Plant Tissue Testing
3.3 Water Testing 3.3 Maximum Economic Production with Maximum Environmental Care
3.4 Nutrient Budgeting
3.5 Land Capability and Suitability Assessment
3.6 C.R.A.F.T
3.7 Equipment Calibration and Maintenance
3.8 Paddock Record Keeping
3.9 Precision Agriculture
3.10 Handling of Fertilizer
3.11 Disposal of Packaging 3.12 Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
4. Nutrient Management Codes of Practice
5. Making Sure Your Code is Implemented 6. Other Resources

In conclusion, the guide states that  three guiding principles are essential components of a Nutrient Management Code of Practice.

These are:
• Awareness and Understanding of the Risks
• Employing the Nutrient Management Tools Available
• Adopting a System of Continuous Improvement

2001 - Australia - Fertiliser Australia
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