Crossbreeding Systems for Beef Cattle


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Farm Table says:

Handy introductory information for those considering crossbreeding.


On this webpage FutureBeef provides useful information about crossbreeding systems.

There are a number of reasons why beef producers could consider crossbreeding rather than traditional straight-breeding programs for their beef enterprises. The first of these is ‘grading up’ from one breed to another. However this has rather limited opportunity other than for those who are establishing new breeds of cattle. The other two reasons are to combine the attributes of two or more breeds to produce an end product that fits market requirements and/or to take advantage of heterosis (hybrid vigour).

You’ll find information on the following topics:

  • combining the attributes of two or more breeds
  • taking advantage of heterosis
  • steps in establishing a crossbreeding program
  • crossbreeding systems
    • two breed cross
    • backcross
    • three breed cross
    • rotational cross
    • composite breed
  • comparing crossbreeding systems
  • input of purebreds
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