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Our podcasts are produced with farmers and consultants in the local area to aid farmers in their decisions relating to farming systems in Central Western NSW.

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Previous series include:

  • Characteristics my stubble should have after this year’s harvest to maintain my farming system’s economic and environmental sustainability: The podcasts in this series were conducted with Geoff McCallum, James Butt, Darren Miles and Bob Wythes. This series is a mix of local farmers and harvest contractors in the Central Western area of NSW.
  • Given this year’s climate and market outlook, how best do I manage ryegrass, fleabane, windmill grass and black oats if I have them?:  In this series, Paul Adam, Ian Luelf, Bruce Staniforth and Jock Coupland give an overview of their management strategies for weed control in their farming systems.
  • What is the role of break crops in stubble retained systems?: These podcasts were conducted with Geoff McCallum, Graham McDonald, Derrick Davis and Michael Pfitzner who are all local farmers within the Central Western area of NSW.
  • Given the current season how do I manage my stubble to reduce the impacts of yellow leaf spot on crop performance?: This podcast was recorded with local farmer Pete Stuckey in relation to his yellow leaf spot management throughout the 2016/17 season.
  • Outlining the financial and agronomic benefits of inter-row sowing this year: These podcasts were recorded with local farmers Geoff Chase, Nick Eckermann, Graham Mason and Roger Todd in relation to applying inter row-sowing to their farming systems.
  • What should I do during my fallow period to manage pests, weeds and diseases this year: These fallow management podcasts were conducted with local farmers Wayne Jarvis and Ian Manwaring. 
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