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Farm Table says:

A short video on research into crossing dairy and beef cattle genetics. Particularly interesting was that bull selection plays a pivotal role in allowing cows to calve naturally whilst not affecting future growth rates.

This informative video talk’s about research conducted in New Zealand on the dairy and beef industries and how beef herds are slowly depleting and dairy herds are increasing. The researchers look into current management practices and how value adding can be achieved with a few small changes to management practices.

The items covered in this article are:

• Calf rearing

• Bull selection and calving patterns

• Bull purchasing vs bull leasing

• Nutrition and finishing

Key points were as follows:

• Artificial insemination can tighten calving patterns and achieve earlier finishing.

• Selecting known bull genetics for low birth weight to ensure calving can occur without intervention.

• At the time this research was being conducted, beef bull semen was 20% more cost effective than dairy bull semen.

• When crossing dairy genetics with beef genetics you create animals that are very quiet and passive in nature.

• Beef and dairy producers should look into rearing calves and finishing for 100 days, during this research it was shown that a 4 day old calf would sell for $50 and a 100 day old calf would make $120 giving the producer and additional $70 profit per head. This is a substantial increase in profit for producers when dealing with large herd numbers.

2015 - New Zealand - Beef + Lamb New Zealand
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