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Knowledge level: Intermediate

Farm Table says:

Easy to register and set up comprehensive feed tools.

Dairy Feed Tools is a complete feed management toolset for dairy farmers and managers. Feed planning, cost and resource management backed by Australian feed and pasture data to most accurately reflect the needs of your herd.

An article in Australian Dairy Farmer stated:

  • applicable to all regions
  • helps farmers plan their year’s feed and nutrition strategy as well as staying up-to-date on what the cows are consuming and what is left in the pit, shed and silo.
  • allows users to develop a feed plan based on diets formulated to meet cow’s daily energy and protein requirements.
  • help keep everyone in the team on the same page when it comes to feeding

You are able to print, save and share reports and run scenarios to explore impacts of change.

2018 - Australia - Dairy Australia - Agriculture Victoria
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