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Each state has a substantial report written on each. Really like the Profit Maps included in each. Worth checking out each year.

The Dairy Farm Monitor Project is a joint initiative between DEPI and Dairy Australia. It provides financial and production analysis for farms across Australian states.

An example of state reports is below:

VIC Dairy Farm Monitor Project

  • Analysis of 75 dairy farms spread evenly across three dairy regions – South West, Gippsland, and northern Victoria.
  • In its 10th year
  • the 2015-16 season was characterized by dry seasonal conditions, high water costs, reduced pasture availability, higher feed costs, and lower milk prices.
  • Overall, dairy farm profits declined in 2015-16, with data showing average whole farm earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) falling to $70,804, a 70 percent decrease compared with the previous year.
  • This was the third lowest EBIT level recorded over the ten-year history of the report
  • Return on assets was 0.6 percent compared with last year’s 5.3 percent.


2016 - Australia - Dairy Australia
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