Death, divorce and ‘daughter-in-law syndrome’: Farmers launch book about succession planning

ABC Rural - Danielle Grindlay

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Farm Table says:

We haven't read this book personally, but it appears to be a practical and relevant dicussion of succession planning, which may help to navigate misfortune and disaster.

Ballarat farmer Nick Shady and his wife, Ayesha Hilton, have written a succession planning book, ‘Who Gets the Farm?’

Nick Shady and Ayesha Hilton openly concede they are not experts but say they saw a gap in the discourse.

The authors note that often the information available lacks the family emotion side to it. We were able to get that personal context into the book.”

Some chapters of the book include:

  • Husband dies in a farm accident.
  • Both parents die suddenly without a will.
  • Dad remarries and leaves everything to his new wife.

This article on ABC Rural states that:

 “From death, to divorce, illness and ‘the daughter-in-law syndrome’ the book takes readers on an adventure of misfortune, but offers tips on how to navigate disasters.”

2016 - Australia - ABC Rural - Danielle Grindlay
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